“Elevate Your Wellness Journey: Discover Your Personalized Path to Health with YorkTest!”

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“Welcome to YorkTest.com, your gateway to a personalized approach to wellness. At YorkTest, we understand that achieving optimal health is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with scientifically-backed insights into your unique body’s needs. Whether you’re seeking to uncover food sensitivities, improve your gut health, or optimize your nutritional intake, our comprehensive testing and expert guidance empower you to take control of your well-being. Join us on a journey towards greater vitality, vitality, and vitality – because your health is our priority.”

About Yorktest

“At YorkTest, we’re more than just a testing company – we’re your partner in personalized health and wellness. With over 35 years of experience, we’ve been at the forefront of revolutionizing how individuals approach their well-being. Our mission is simple: to empower you to unlock your full potential and live your best life.

We understand that each person is unique, and that’s why our approach is tailored to you. Through cutting-edge laboratory testing and expert analysis, we provide personalized insights into your body’s individual needs. Whether you’re struggling with unexplained symptoms, seeking to optimize your diet, or simply looking to feel your best, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

But we’re more than just tests and results – we’re a community of individuals committed to supporting one another on our wellness journeys. Our team of dedicated experts is here to offer guidance, advice, and encouragement, ensuring that you have the tools and knowledge you need to thrive.

Join us at YorkTest and discover a new way of approaching your health – one that’s personalized, empowering, and designed just for you.”


  1. Personalized Insights: YorkTest provides personalized insights into your body’s unique needs, helping you understand how certain foods may be affecting your health.
  2. Comprehensive Testing: With a range of testing options available, including food sensitivity tests, gut health assessments, and nutritional analysis, YorkTest offers comprehensive solutions for addressing various health concerns.
  3. Expert Guidance: YorkTest’s team of experts offers professional guidance and support throughout your wellness journey, helping you interpret your results and make informed decisions about your diet and lifestyle.
  4. Convenient Testing Process: YorkTest’s testing process is simple and convenient, with easy-to-use home test kits and quick turnaround times for results, allowing you to take control of your health from the comfort of your own home.
  5. Holistic Approach: YorkTest takes a holistic approach to wellness, considering not only food sensitivities but also gut health, nutritional deficiencies, and overall well-being, providing a more comprehensive understanding of your health.


  1. Cost: YorkTest’s testing services may be relatively expensive compared to other options, which could be a barrier for some individuals seeking personalized health insights.
  2. Dietary Restrictions: Discovering food sensitivities through YorkTest may require making significant changes to your diet, which could be challenging for some individuals to navigate.
  3. Interpretation Complexity: Interpreting test results and implementing dietary changes based on those results may require additional effort and guidance, particularly for those with limited nutrition knowledge or experience.
  4. Limited Coverage: While YorkTest offers a range of testing options, there may be limitations in terms of the specific conditions or health concerns addressed by their tests, which may not meet the needs of all individuals.
  5. Not a Replacement for Medical Advice: It’s important to note that while YorkTest’s testing services can provide valuable insights, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Individuals with serious health conditions should consult with a healthcare provider for comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

Premium Food Intolerance Test

Discover if you have intolerances to 200 food and drink ingredients with our extensive food and drink intolerance test. Just provide a finger-prick blood sample, send it back for testing, and receive your results within 7 days. No need for face-to-face interactions!

Food Allergy Test

Opt for a scientific method with our food allergy test. Easily collect a finger-prick blood sample and send it to our lab via post. Get your allergen test results in just 7 days, hassle-free with no need for social interaction.

Premium Dietary

The YorkTest Premium Dietary Supplement is expertly formulated to support overall health and wellness. Packed with high-quality ingredients, it addresses nutritional needs and boosts vitality. Free from artificial additives and allergens, it undergoes rigorous testing for potency and safety. Enhance your well-being with this trusted supplement.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C stands as a crucial nutrient, pivotal for bolstering immunity, aiding iron absorption, and serving as an antioxidant, quelling inflammation. Its role extends to maintaining healthy skin, bones, teeth, and gums, expediting wound healing, and shielding against cellular damage. This essential vitamin additionally contributes to optimal heart health.


In conclusion, YorkTest stands as a beacon of personalized wellness, offering comprehensive testing solutions and expert guidance to individuals seeking to optimize their health. With a commitment to excellence, transparency, and innovation, we empower our customers to unlock their full potential and live their best lives. Through cutting-edge testing technologies, tailored nutritional advice, and ongoing support, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness goals and thrive in every aspect of life. Join us on this journey towards better health and vitality – because at YorkTest, your well-being is our priority.