10 best shoes to wear with leggings to look trendy and stylish

10 best shoes to wear with leggings to look trendy and stylish

There’s no denying that leggings are super famous for obvious reasons. They are incredibly comfortable, which is why they never go out of style! But when it comes to figuring out which shoes to wear with leggings, we often get a bit confused. Don’t worry, it’s okay to get confused, because choosing the right shoes to go with leggings is more difficult than choosing shoes to go with jeans or other pants. To clear up your confusion, we’ll tell you what goes well with these timeless underpants and how to rock them. So feel free to read this article.

1. Leggings with heels

Leggings with heels might sound a little tricky to most, especially the pump leggings. But animal printed leggings, floral prints, stretchy leather and jeggings are all interesting ways to wear your pumps with them. If the print on the leggings is too flashy, wear a plain top and nude or plain pumps. Make an item stand out and have it downplayed by your shoes—but still steal the show.

10 best shoes to wear with leggings to look trendy and stylish

2. Ankle boots and leggings

Ankle boots and leggings are a platonic combination. They look great with a plaid shirt, crop tops, ruffle tops or anything that has some definition. If you’re opting for leggings that hit just above your ankle, more like your calves, you should be a little careful when choosing ankle boots – they can make you look like you have voluminous calves. “The key is to wear a tunic so your butt is covered. You need some volume at the top to balance the bulk of a bootie with skinny leggings,” says fashion stylist Amy Salinger. Additionally, it would be safest to wear neutral or plain boots.

3. Combat boots and leggings

Combat boots will change the whole atmosphere of your outfit. So if you’re in the mood for grunge or have already decided to fight anyway, come along. Because these are big and chunky, you have the option to spice up your outfit with florals, ruffles, pastels, or something a little more feminine. You can wear a short denim skirt and complete it with leggings and combat boots; or do the same with shorts too. Or just put on an undergarment and add combat fatigues and a hat to it.

4. Sneakers with leggings

Sneakers are great and I know we all live in them more than we should. The same goes for leggings too. Now imagine bringing these two together? Life at its best.


“This is your opportunity to wear ‘stylish sneakers’. From low-tops to high-tops, amp up your look with spikes, glitter and everything in between!” exclaims Salinger.


Gone are the days when leggings only went with hoodies or oversized shirts. Now you can combine the outfit as you wish. Wear a crop top, casual blazer and red high-top sneakers; Or wear a crisp white shirt, shoulder bag and contrasting sneakers. or the usual oversized t-shirt, messy bun and slouchy slip-on sneakers. Everything is fine in the hood!

10 best shoes to wear with leggings to look trendy and stylish

5. Leggings with sandals

While heels look really stylish with leggings, some of us just aren’t cut out for wearing pumps. So I get it, opt for sandals with ankle straps and small block heels that offer comfort to your feet while maintaining the style factor. You can also wear gladiator sandals and tie them over the leggings and wear an adorable boho top and oversized sunglasses. This combination is for the wildest of people. If you like to push the boundaries of style, this is for you. Carry a tote bag and look like a diva!

6. Leggings and slippers

Speaking of flats, they still look great and here’s the proof. But there’s something you need to know – loafers, ballerinas, peep toes or flats – whatever you choose, it’s best if they’re solid or brightly colored. Black, dark blue or any other color that goes with your leggings will create a good silhouette. If you choose regular sandals and open toe flip flops, just match it because there is no constraint.

7. Leggings and sneakers

You know we all live in our yoga leggings or gym clothes more than we care to admit. I do this to run errands or even to work if that’s allowed. But if you’re planning on replacing your tracksuits with leggings, that’s allowed, and they certainly look great. Make sure there is no cameltoe there. That’s probably the only rule of thumb. So I said it! But you know it’s better to be safe than sorry. The point is, athletic or tennis shoes look great with leggings.

10 best shoes to wear with leggings to look trendy and stylish

8. Oxford shoes and leggings

Wearing leggings and the chic top is perfectly acceptable, but if you think you want to balance out all the nonchalance that your leggings exude, jazz up your outfit with accessories and, of course, shoes. Wear kitten heels or classic oxfords, do not wear anything else as this is quite a sophisticated footwear choice.

9. Leggings and Converse shoes

Converse shoes started trending a few years ago and have since become a staple of casual wear. Everyone owns or wants to own a pair! But how do you know if they’re meant for you? Wear it with your favorite outfit, leggings in this case, and see how they look. This is how you consent, and this is how this look is approved. This is perfect for a relaxing day trip. You feel super comfortable AND look incredibly trendy and stylish.

10. Ankle boots and leggings

For the longest time we needed leggings, the fleece variety, to go with our boots because we all know how difficult it is to fit boots over our jeans. Try leather, printed or other quirky options and amplify your style.

In summary, there are many trendy and stylish shoe options to wear with leggings. From heels to ankle boots, from combat boots to sneakers, from sandals to loafers, there are countless ways to create fashionable outfits. Experiment with different styles, colors and patterns to find what suits your personal taste and matches your leggings. Remember to consider the occasion and the overall impression you are trying to make. Whether you prefer a casual, sporty or chic look, there is a perfect choice of shoes for every outfit. So have fun mixing and matching and rock your leggings with confidence!

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