10 practical tips to make him miss you like crazy

10 practical tips to make him miss you like crazy

love is a funny thing You want a man to miss you but aren’t sure how to make him do it. Maybe you’re looking for tips to make him miss you, want you, and send you lots of text messages expressing those feelings. However, few people understand how to make a man miss you when you are not around. The biggest problem with men is that you don’t even have to try to make him miss you at first. But over time, those feelings of longing, longing, and missing begin to fade.


If you think his feelings for you are diminishing, there are several things you can do to make him miss you. These guidelines apply to all boys. He could be your friend, fiance or someone else. It might even be an ex you’d love to get back in touch with (although we’re the ones telling you that’s a terrible move). Here’s how to make him miss you no matter the situation. Continue reading!

1. Reduce the frequency of interactions

We understand that when you miss someone, the urge to text them is very strong. You try to find texts that make him want you or crave daily communication. In some cases, you might even want to communicate with that person on an hourly basis. Here is some advice.


The best way to make a man miss you is to back off. Refrain from texting or calling him about the smallest things. If you keep turning to him, he doesn’t stand a chance of missing you. Instead, give your special someone a reason and some time to miss you. If you reduce contact, your Mr. Right will keep wondering if you’re really into him, leading him to try harder and keep things interesting. This might be quite difficult for you, but it works like a charm and makes him miss you.

10 practical tips to make him miss you like crazy

2. Don't throw tantrums

A little tantrum here and there can be endearing. Maybe he finds that slight twitch or twitch of jealousy cute. But if it sucks, things can go wrong between the two of you.


One of the best ways to make him miss you is to not nag him when he expects you to. Doesn’t he take your call? OK. Don’t make a scene about it. Basically, keep calm. This will make him crave the attention you usually give him and make him miss you.

3. Shorten the length of the conversation

You’ve had a good time. Every day you fell asleep while talking to him on the phone. Now you can feel his attention slipping away. Here’s a trick from us to make your husband miss you in such a situation: Be the first to end a conversation. This will help pique his curiosity and wonder if you really had to leave or if he bored you. This will keep him busy for you.


Prioritize yourself instead of staying on the phone for hours until he decides to end the call. Do you have pile work? get it done Your close relatives also deserve your time. Say “I’m busy” or “Oh my friends stopped by” if the conversation gets too long. You can also do this via SMS. Be the first to send the “goodnight” SMS and get a good night’s sleep when planning early mornings. The goal here is to end the conversation while letting him know that you prioritize yourself. It will feel abrupt for him as he is used to you putting everything aside to make time for him. This will make him long for you. When a man misses a woman, he wants to keep talking to her.

4. Don't return his calls and texts right away

Yes, we know that Barney Stinson invented this rule. But remember, there’s a difference between giving him a healthy amount of attention and looking needy. The easiest trick is to make sure you don’t call back or reply to his texts as soon as you get them. We encourage you to text him that will make him want you (perhaps something naughty?) but not that your happiness in life depends on him.


make him wait Make him realize that he is not the only priority in your life. Most men love a chase. But if you’re right there all the time, waiting for him, it takes all the excitement out of the relationship.

5. Respect his space

Guys take their place big. If you really want him to want you, respect his space. Have your space and let him have his. Their spaces can intersect and overlap, but must not injure each other. Not only will this make him miss you, but it will show that you have a life outside of him. And if you ask us, this is just as empowering for you. Everyone needs time and space to clear their heads. Give them space, give them a chance to miss you and long for you.

6. Limit social media use

Social media is your friend as long as you use it within limits. It holds so much potential for exploitation that your plan to make him miss you and end up turning against you can go horribly wrong.


If you want him to miss you, a little mystery is vital. Even if you’re an avid social media user, don’t update your status every hour. Only post the best pictures and leave space when posting.


Also, please be careful with the Facebook/BuzzFeed quizzes. Especially ones like “Who’s your soulmate?” and “What will your kids be like?” It’s okay to be ambitious, but making it seem like those are all your priorities will put him off.


Share pics of you partying with your girls and leave him gaping. But if he’s constantly in touch, you’ll avoid engaging in conversations. This will only give him the impression that you are following him online.

10 practical tips to make him miss you like crazy

7. Make your encounters surprising and fun

Hey, there’s no denying that a little mystery is fascinating. If you want him to miss you, don’t keep letting him know where you are or what you’re doing. Then surprise him with a little spontaneity. For example, call him out of the blue for dinner. Or forget about dinner and the movie and play paintball instead. Collecting those fun memories and experiences together will make him miss you and want to spend more time with you.

8. "Forget" your things with him

If you plan to stay overnight, leave your scarf or sunglasses behind. You can even leave a simple hair clip in his pocket! Those little quirks really get the boys interested. If you see your stuff often, a man will surely miss you. Being confident and flirting a bit will show him that you are capable of appealing to his senses and he will start crushing on you.


But don’t let him see through your ruse. Don’t start too often. Otherwise, he might just stop thinking the whole thing is cute and instead start thinking you’re being careless.

9. Spend time with your friends

Most girls, when they get into a relationship, end up spending all of their time with their partner. This can be quite frustrating for the man. If you really want him to miss you, show him that you lead an independent life and don’t need his time and attention. Maintaining your independence and maintaining a private life will make you appear mature and fulfilled, which is something a man admires in a woman.


That’s where Instagram comes in – update your stories when you go out with friends. If anything, it will make him respect you more for being an independent woman.

10. Use social media to make your life stand out, but in a subtle way

Don’t keep updating wherever you go just to let him know. In all honesty, he’ll know you’re trying to get his attention. Here are certain things you really shouldn’t be doing on social media:


Don’t tag him in photos that don’t show him.

Don’t snap him every 10 minutes to keep getting his attention.

Don’t text his friends to find out what he’s doing.

Don’t try to make him jealous by posting pictures with other men.


To make him miss you like crazy, remember to give him space, limit social media use, and make encounters surprising and fun. Spend time with friends and keep your independence. Use social media subtly to showcase your life. Finding the right balance of attention and space will keep your child intrigued and longing for your presence.

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