15 signs the first date went well

15 signs the first date went well

First dates are always exciting and intimidating. Whether you met your partner face-to-face or online, you may just be wondering if the date went well. What are the signs that the first date went well? Before you start a conversation with your friends about your first date and the compatibility you share with them, ask yourself how they made you feel and how you think the date went. If you still can’t figure it out, check out the list of signs listed here. These 23 signs can tell you if your first date went as expected. Continue reading.

1. You laughed a lot

If you both laughed and generally had a good time, the date definitely went well. Even when something unpleasant happened, you both laughed about it instead of sitting there in silence. This means that you both have a good relationship.

15 signs the first date went well

2. Simple conversation

A good sign on a first date is when both are on an equal footing and talking eagerly. Take turns asking each other things to get to know the other person. Sometimes you both speak at the same time, leading to fun and laughter. Instead of falling silent, the two of you fall into a relaxed conversation, almost as if you’ve been friends forever.

3. Eyes closed and loaded

One sign that a date is really going wrong is when your date wasn’t looking directly at you. We all know that your eyes can carry unspoken conversations. Just by looking at someone, you can instantly feel a connection. If your date saw eye to eye with you, you’ve got a good thing going. If your partner looks you straight in the eye, you can feel the heat. And when you look into their eyes, there’s a playful twinkle. It looks good!

4. The date lasted longer than expected

When you first set the date, you might have thought it would take an hour or two. Cut to three hours later and still laughing and talking. That’s a good sign. Some dates end badly when one or both parties try to engineer an early exit. But if you stayed longer than expected on the first date, that’s a clear sign that you both had fun.

5. There were no awkward breaks

You make an appointment and have your trusty list of questions in case there are any awkward breaks. But this time I felt like you didn’t need help from the list. A date where conversations went smoothly definitely went well. It also means that you are both open to getting to know each other.

6. They both clicked

It might have been a bit awkward and quiet at first, but the more time you spent, the more it just clicked for both of you. Maybe it’s because you both have similar interests. It could also be that mysterious spark that everyone is chasing after meeting someone for the first time. Whatever it is, if the two of you hit it off right away on the first date, give it a heartfelt thumbs-up!

7. They called you after the date

If you get a call or text from your date right away after the date, that’s a clear sign that everything went well! You’ve made such a good impression on them that you don’t have to wait a few days to hear from them.

8. You met each other

First dates are usually difficult. You never know how much to share. But if you both felt comfortable enough asking each other deep questions and providing answers on the first date, that’s a good thing. Once you get home, your date may have texted you and asked more questions so they could get to know you better. There is definitely a connection here!

15 signs the first date went well

9. Positive body language

Body language is key to figuring out if your date was interested in you. Did they lean towards you? Did they try to sit closer to you? Did they talk to you and look you in the eye? You might even have played a flirtatious game of soccer under the table and complimented each other. All of these are signs that you two have chemistry and are interested in each other.

10. No distractions

When we hang out with our closest friends, we always have our phones with us. But if you two were so engrossed in each other that no gadgets showed up on your first date, that’s not just a sign the date went well, it’s a miracle.

11. You made the first date go well

Suppose you have this amazing boyfriend and eventually you both decide to take it a step further and go on a date. If they take the time to find out what food you like, what your favorite restaurant is, what you enjoy doing, what music makes you happy, etc., they clearly like you. They either asked you or your close friends for this information. It shows they are serious about you. And if your first date was filled with everything you love, it’s clearly looking good!

12. They paid attention to you

Did your date pay you any attention? Not just the conversation — did your date look at you while you talked? Did they answer your questions and ask questions in return to show interest? If so, then your date went well. When someone isn’t interested in you, they seem distracted when talking to you. You will look elsewhere and maybe even yawn. So if your date was focused on you, all is well!

13. They meet each other on social media

Honestly, if a date didn’t go well, they won’t bother adding you on social media. Has your date tried to befriend or follow you on social media? If so, they are definitely interested in getting to know you better.

14. You've already made plans for the next date

Did you two already make plans on your first date where to go next time? This is a definite sign that the date is going well. When your date calls you to make plans for future dates, that’s it!

15. They called you to confirm the second date

On your first outing together, did you two joke about doing things on a second date? If they call you to confirm the second date, they are definitely interested in you. Sometimes plans are made for a second date, but nothing really comes of it. So when they call to confirm the second date, that’s it girls!

In summary, there are several positive signs that the first date went well. Laughter, stimulating conversation, eye contact, and mutual comfort are strong indicators of a successful date. If your date gets back to you right after the date, asks deep questions, and shows positive body language, they probably had a great time, too. Additionally, making plans for future dates and adding you on social media is a clear sign of interest and potential for a deeper connection. Noticing these signs is a positive sign that the first date was a success and there may be potential for a meaningful relationship in the future.

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