20 best Kylie Jenner outfits that are trendy and stylish

20 best Kylie Jenner outfits that are trendy and stylish

Kendall and Kylie grew up before any of us realized what was happening and suddenly made us realize how old we were. And before you knew it, the Jenner sisters were taking over the fashion world. While Kendall has conquered the catwalks, Kylie has risen in the makeup industry. With a following of 101 million on Instagram alone, she is just behind her sister Kim. Kylie has managed to catapult herself onto the podium with her style statements and of course her cosmetics line – Kylie Cosmetics. Today it is one of the most sought-after makeup brands. Let’s take a look at some of the best Kylie Jenner outfits and see if we can get some fashion inspiration.

1. Lavender Knee High Boots

wait what We can’t think of anyone who would look as good in lavender boots as she does! Can you? Thank you Kylie for opening up a world of boots and providing inspiration for our boots.

20 best Kylie Jenner outfits that are trendy and stylish

2. Plaid suit

We all wear blazers and suits, but that’s nowhere near what little Jenner had in mind. Wearing a plaid blazer and matching shorts, she made us all reconsider our fashion choices.

3. Oversized t-shirt and shorts

And just when you think her statements are out of reach, she heads out for coffee in an oversized tee, jean shorts and Converse shoes. Maybe she’s one of us who’s totally caught up in the street trend.

4. Camo Hoodie

Hoodies are a hot favorite of the Jenner sisters. They are often seen wearing them. They love wearing oversized t-shirts and hoodies just as much as they love wearing their bodycon dresses.

5. Black Bodycon Dress

Kylie is known for radically changing her style statements, particularly through dramatic hair colors and drastic cuts. We loved her asymmetrical bob and black bodycon dress.

6. Faux Fur Jacket

Kylie looks gorgeous in this faux fur jacket that covers up her bodycon dress; and her candy pink hair steals the show. We honestly can’t get over this look, can we?

20 best Kylie Jenner outfits that are trendy and stylish

7. Sequin Dress

Kylie doesn’t look the same anymore. She seems quite comfortable in her new avatar – a sequin dress, a shrug and long jet black hair. We couldn’t help but fall in love with her all over again.

8. Monochromatic Look

Who doesn’t love monochrome? And thanks to Kylie for raising the bar on monochromatics. I love how her kimono and boots complete the look; Not to mention these cute little braided pigtails.

9. Shirt Dress

Kylie’s Instagram posts are as much about casual outfits like these as they are about these runway dresses. That blue vertical striped shirt dress and straight blonde hair make her look like the girl next door.

10. Crop Top Love

We all love crop tops, and so does Kylie, only she puts her signature on every outfit she wears. The strip palazzos, white shoes, body bags and pigtails are her take on street style attire.

11. Red Tracksuits

Apparently, she loves to spend her days in sweatpants and tracksuits, which is what most of us do. Thanks Kylie for picking one up for the team.

12. Trouser suit

Just when you thought she was all about pigtails and sweatpants, she looks like a woman who’s on top of things and nails it all. Well she clearly does!

20 best Kylie Jenner outfits that are trendy and stylish

13. Jogger pants

Sweatpants and sidetrack pants are taking over fashion lines, but it was Kylie and the Kardashian sisters who started the trend, and the world happily followed suit. We couldn’t help it, could we? Look how hot Kylie looks in these casual sweatpants, crop top and 15 inch heels.

14. Black Noodle Strap Dress

Here’s another look from Kylie that’s youthful yet ladylike, trendy yet classy, and definitely chic and elegant at the same time. She has everything in her and controls everything like a boss.

15. Gold Versace outfit

Kylie told the media that wearing an outfit that Versace personally designed for her was a dream come true for her. Well we’re glad she made her dream come true and slipped into her custom made designer gown.

16. Yeezus outfit and jacket

Nobody wears Yeezus outfits like the Kardashian sisters. Kylie Jenner looked effortless in a body suit by Yeezus. She completed the outfit with a huge camel colored jacket. Kylie manages to stand out in an outfit that might otherwise seem too lavish.

20 best Kylie Jenner outfits that are trendy and stylish

17. White Satin Dress

A white satin dress and no accessories. That’s all Kylie needs to get through the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This dress beautifully accentuates her body and enhances her beauty even more; Just look at how adorable she is in her element!

18. Bikini Bomb

Nobody does bikinis better than the Kardashian clan, period. They take the internet by storm with each of their bikini looks, just like this one.

19. Juicy Couture Tracksuits

No one can go without the Juicy tracksuits, and obviously Kylie has caved in too. I found my confirmation secretly, didn’t I?

20. Black Sparkly Jumpsuit

Kylie looked hot as hell in a sparkly jumpsuit, long hair and a makeup-free look. She looks gorgeous in every outfit she wears and has us all raving about her style. No wonder she managed to climb the ladder in such a short time.

To sum up, Kylie Jenner is a fashion icon who constantly pushes boundaries with her trendy and stylish outfits. From rocking lavender knee high boots to a gorgeous plaid suit, Kylie’s fashion choices are always bold and on point. She transitions effortlessly from casual oversized t-shirts and shorts to glamorous sequin dresses and faux fur jackets. Her monochromatic looks, crop tops and tracksuits demonstrate her impeccable style. Whether she’s wearing a black bodycon dress or a gold Versace dress, Kylie knows how to turn heads and make a fashion statement. Her bikini looks are always on fire, too. Overall, Kylie Jenner’s outfits are a constant source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts who want to stay trendy and stylish.

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