20 Gorgeous Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

20 Gorgeous Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

Some hair colors only work on certain skin tones – light brown is not one of them. Light brown is a versatile shade that suits all skin tones. To show you what we mean, here are 20 light brown hair color ideas to try. Light brown suits so many skin tones, hair colors and hair types because it’s right in the middle of the hair color spectrum. So if you are blonde you can easily switch to light brown and the same goes for brunettes too. With the blonde trend gaining popularity, it’s no surprise that many people are dying their hair light brown. Read on to discover some seriously impressive light brown hair color trends. Scroll down now!

1. Natural light brown hair color

If you have dark brown or black hair and want a softer natural color, this look is for you. The light brown textured curls appear to be an even color. The lower lengths of hair appear a slightly lighter shade of caramel than the rest of the hair, creating a subtle ombre that looks very natural.

20 Gorgeous Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

2. Light brown with subtle balayage

When you want the perfect sun-kissed bronze look, there’s nothing better than a light brown balayage. This style starts with a medium brown base that quickly fades to a beautiful light brown. The highlights of this balayage start very close to the roots, adding subtle structure to the style.

3. Light golden brown hair color

This warm-toned light brown style is so sleek. The dark roots blend into a gorgeous golden brown, adding depth to the style. The style also has sable undertones making it perfect for women with all skin tones. The shoulder length of this style is perfect for those who want a low maintenance hairstyle that looks great anytime.

4. Light sable hair color

This hairstyle has been perfectly colored with the perfect amount of shine. The light sable brown shade has cool undertones that are highlighted by the glossy finish. There is a subtle transition from the darker roots that adds depth to the style and the result is really gorgeous.

5. Light chocolate brown hair color

The choppyness of this lob paired with the light chocolate brown color is a sight to behold. The freshly colored tresses are sleek and shiny with choppy ends adding dimension to the style. The style’s darker roots create a natural look with plenty of depth.

6. Heavy Light Brown Highlights

This natural looking light brown is one of our favorites for fine hair. The medium brown base has been heavily highlighted in fine sections to create texture and dimension. The result is a light brown that looks natural and voluminous. If you’re looking for a style that will add volume to your fine, straight hair, then this is for you.

7. Soft light brown balayage

This is another great style for women with fine, straight and silky hair. The style looks so natural that you can hardly tell it has been colored. The natural brown base fades to a beautiful light brown. The stylist created a subtle balayage in this look, meticulously highlighting some sections to add more texture to the subtle contrast.

20 Gorgeous Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

8. Dark to light brown fading

This light brown balayage on dark brown hair is a look that will turn heads. The custom designed beige highlights are heavier at the front than at the back and frame the face perfectly. The dark brown transitions wonderfully into a light, almost blonde color. The subtle highlights at the back of this style create the perfect contrast and add structure and dimension to the style.

9. Light sandy brown hair color

If you’re a natural brunette and have always wondered what you’d look like as a blonde without having to take that extreme step, this style is the perfect compromise. In fact, it looks so good it wouldn’t be a compromise at all. The medium brown roots of this look are blended into a gorgeous light sandy shade. The style is beautifully coupled with subtle cool undertones.

10. Dark hair to light brown balayage

Melting butterscotch toffee. That was the first thing that came to mind when we saw this style. The brunette base has been highlighted and blended into a gorgeous light brown. The highlights have been painted in thin sections, starting very close to the roots. As you progress to the lower lengths of the style, it fades to a butterscotch brown. This style is perfect for women with fine hair. It adds texture and dimension.

11. Heavy light brown balayage

An extreme color change requires regular touch-ups to keep your hair looking natural. However, this look has been styled with a bold balayage, giving you the lighter copper look you desire without the maintenance effort that a solid color would require. The style will grow out just as naturally as it did when freshly painted.

12. Light Brown Babylights

Babylights are a classic look that never goes out of style. No matter what color your hair is, a subtle babylights fade is one of the best ways to jazz it up. This light brown babylights look is a super low-maintenance style that’s sure to add dimension to your hair. The brown roots fade to a lighter brown, creating a natural-looking enamel.

13. Light Ash Brown Hair Color

Such cold tones are a rarity on light brown hair. However, this style lives up to its name. The light brown tresses have been perfectly toned to achieve the perfect ashy taupe color. The stylist also added lighter ash highlights to the look. The highlights have been placed in wispy sections, making this style perfect for women with thin hair.

20 Gorgeous Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

14. Light hazel hair

We’re so blown away! This adorable bob has just the right amount of warmth, volume and depth! The dark brown base has been jazzed up with a hazelnut balayage; and the highlights start close to the roots. The natural dark base creates a lowlights effect that adds depth and accentuates the volume of the style. The bob has a choppy finish, creating an adorable messy look that has won our hearts.

15. Light brown balayage with auburn undertones

This gorgeous style includes a smooth transition from a dark auburn to a light brown. The brunette base creates a lowlights effect that adds depth and the illusion of volume to the fine hair, while the lighter tips draw all the attention. This style is ideal for women with fine hair who like it lighter.

In summary, the light brown hair color offers a wide range of possibilities and looks stunning on all skin tones. Whether you want a natural and subtle hue or a bolder and more vibrant look, there is a light brown hair color idea for everyone. From natural light brown to golden tones, sable tones and even ash undertones, the possibilities are endless. Light brown’s versatility allows for beautiful balayage, ombre, and highlighting techniques to add dimension and depth to your hair. Whether you have short or long hair, fine or thick strands, there’s a light brown hair color that’s perfect for you. So enjoy the beauty of light brown and give your hair a gorgeous makeover with one of these stunning ideas.

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