Bachelorette party ideas you need to throw a perfect party

Bachelorette party ideas you need to throw a perfect party

Every woman deserves a bachelorette party tailored to her level of weirdness! A bachelorette party is the ultimate sign of friendship and sisterhood. It’s an opportunity to have some fun before friend is busy at home with kids and family. If you’re planning a bachelorette party, you should decide whether it’s going to be a surprise (or not). You can plan everything in advance, but don’t announce the location and date until the day of the event. That way, when your friend is looking for clues, she won’t find out anything in advance.


There are many different things you can do for your bachelorette party, but the most important thing is – it has to be fun! They need food, drinks, music or some other type of entertainment and games. You can plan simple games that don’t require a lot of equipment, or you can go a bit more complicated and buy things like boxes of glow-in-the-dark condoms, whoopie pillows, faux foam props, and so on. You could host a bachelor scavenger hunt and get a gift. She gets a task for each clue, from a banana to something more difficult like singing a song from High School Musical. It all depends on you!


Your bachelorette party doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, but it certainly should be fun. If anyone knows how to have a good time, it’s your best friends! Now let’s start with some ideas of what to do on your bachelorette party. Continue reading.

1. Ideas for bachelorette party at home

When planning a bachelorette party at home, the first thing you need is something to eat and drink.


You can plan different themed cocktails or shots to enjoy together – like blue Hawaiian punch margaritas with edible glitter, strawberry daiquiris with fresh strawberries, etc. Personalize your cocktails by tailoring them for the bride-to-be. Make it their favorite color or use their favorite alcohol.

You can put pre-made snacks on the table so everyone has something to munch on while your party gets underway. Remember to buy your girlfriend’s favorite snacks so she knows this night is all about her!

Hosting a bachelorette party at home can be cozy and comfortable, and the perfect way to ensure your girlfriend’s safety. Try hosting a lingerie shower or hosting a spa day with all of her closest friends. You can either let each guest bring an outfit or choose it yourself in advance.

If you think your girlfriend isn’t ready for a big night out on the town with all her friends, opt for a party at home instead. It’s much more relaxed and you can make sure everyone is having fun without worrying too much about safety. Home parties also offer more opportunities for personalization, so you can let your creativity run free!

Bachelorette party ideas you need to throw a perfect party

2. Bachelorette party decoration ideas

When planning a bachelorette party at home or elsewhere, it is important that the place is appropriately decorated.


You’ll find cute decorations like large plastic martini glasses, glittery signs with fun sayings, delicious-looking food in beautiful arrangements, and more. There are many different ways to decorate your bachelorette party and it all depends on what you think your girlfriend would like.


If she loves glitter, lots of pink and everything princess related, you can go for this theme when decorating. If she’s more of an 80s girl, you can decorate her in neon colors with fun patterns.


Try hanging some balloons around the house and hanging lights. You can get creative with this step and really make it your own. Depending on the season, you can decorate with streamers, flowers, different colors and shapes. This is a great way to get everyone in the mood for a fun evening.


You can set up different stations for your party games and food. They don’t have to be elaborate – just buy some cheap platters from a local store and fill them with all sorts of snacks. Try buying different foods that match the theme of the party. This includes cheesy nachos or corn dogs for a western-style bachelorette party.


Whether you’re planning to throw a themed bachelorette party or you’re just decorating for it, it’s important to go all out and make sure everything is perfect. Make sure the food is delicious, the drinks are plentiful, and make the night one your friend will never forget!

3. Low-key bachelorette party ideas

Low-key bachelorette parties can be far more personal and intimate than a big night out on the town. Such parties are also easier to plan. A chilled out party is perfect if your friend isn’t comfortable being around a lot of people she doesn’t know, or if she just doesn’t care about the bar scene. Instead, you can go to a nice restaurant downtown and enjoy good food while you talk about the wedding.



Planning a themed bachelorette party doesn’t have to be complicated. You can throw a themed party with almost anything you can think of:


You could also look for venues that host private events, like wineries, catered restaurants, or even book a room at a popular hotel.


If you’re planning a bachelorette party on a tighter budget, or simply prefer something simple to extravagant, opt for a secluded spot. You can meet your best friends at your house and spend some time together, drinking wine and gossiping about everything that’s happened lately.


You could also try getting everyone in a park or in your backyard for an outdoor party.


If she likes to dance or cook, book a salsa dance class for the day or a cooking class with the rest of the gang.


If you only have the budget for one thing, try throwing a candlelit dinner party in honor of your girlfriend, especially if she’s not thrilled with the prospect of a bachelorette party.


Stag parties tend to be very girly – so the main theme is usually pink, glitter and glitter. Apart from that, you can throw an 80s, country or cowboy themed bachelorette party. You can make this step as simple or extravagant as you like. Most importantly, your friend will remember it for years to come.

Bachelorette party ideas you need to throw a perfect party

4. Bachelorette party food ideas

Food is an important part of any party and bachelorette parties are no exception. You can get creative with different dishes for your bachelorette party or just order some pizzas and enjoy it. If you’re throwing a big bridal shower and some girls want to host a bachelorette party for your girlfriend, plan something fun and get creative with the food. Here are a few ideas:


Serve up some sweet treats. Be creative and serve delicious desserts, whether themed or not. With a huge selection of cupcakes in every flavor imaginable, from red velvet to chocolate covered strawberries, you can’t go wrong! If you prefer something less sugary, consider making a bachelorette party fruit platter.

Unleash your creativity and get everyone involved by letting them make their own fruit platter.

Bake some bridal cookies! It’s a nice way to show appreciation for the hard work that goes into planning a wedding, especially if you’re hosting a bachelorette party that everyone ends up helping. In addition, the bride will surely like it.

5. Bachelorette party themed ideas

At any theme party, the main theme should be obvious. You can either go for something that is princess and pink style or you can go for country chic. Remember to stay on budget if you’re looking to save for other wedding expenses—but don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a few fun decorations here and there. Here are some wild ideas for bachelorette parties:


Be a cowgirl for the night! And if you’re going to a western-style bachelorette party, be sure to order country music and get the guests dancing on deck.


Go old school and have everyone bring a boom box. You can even create a playlist of all the songs from yesteryear to play while you dance around, make sand art, or play Spin the Bottle.


A bachelorette party theme that is gaining popularity is hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed bachelorette party. This is a great idea because everyone can dress up in crazy outfits, paint their face and with lots of tulle you can easily make fancy decorations.


Everyone should prepare their own sundae! You can either bring an ice cream truck and let people choose their own toppings, or you can all bring a few sundae ingredients and make ice cream at home. Either way, the bride-to-be will love it!


If you want to save costs, set up and use a photo booth with tons of different props on your phone. While it’s not that much fun, it’s still something the bride will enjoy. You could also try getting a photo booth from your local party shop or even rent one (at an additional cost of course).

6. Bachelorette pool party ideas

Another great idea is to throw a pool party on the bachelorette’s last night as a single woman. Here are some great pool party ideas:


Tropical Theme: If you’re hosting your bachelorette party in the summer, this would be another great option! They can decorate anything from simply hanging streamers to setting up a tiki bar.


Aqua Motto: Unless you’re hosting your bachelorette party in the summer, it’s important to know the pool’s opening hours (if you plan to host it in an indoor pool). You can still have tons of fun with an aqua-style bachelorette party and decorate the house like a water park.


Movie night: Since it’s fall, you could host a movie night in the pool, for example. Prepare some popcorn for everyone to eat, enjoy a few drinks on the patio, and relax while you watch the movie that’s in theaters right now. Or watch wedding-themed romantic comedies.


Any bachelor or bachelorette party is all about having fun. When you feel like the night is over and everyone has gone home, be sure to thank them for coming! And if you’re putting together a last-minute bachelorette party fruit platter, prepare something simple yet delicious just to show you really appreciate everyone’s presence and effort. Everyone should feel welcome to join in the fun! And if you’re not sure what kind of party activities everyone likes, just throw all your ideas in the pot and see what happens. Mix and match themes, activities and decorations to find what everyone likes best – and make sure you take lots of photos!

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