How to style Converse shoes with dresses - 17 outfit ideas

How to style Converse shoes with dresses – 17 outfit ideas

Thanks to Kristen Stewart, Converse with a dress is now a widespread trend. She rocked at the MTV Movie Awards and since then we’ve often come across fashion influencers sporting a similar look. Converse sneakers have always been the preferred footwear choice for fashionistas as they don’t compromise between style and comfort. If you are looking for ideas for this look, you have landed on the right page. Swipe up!

1. Wedding Dress with Converse

We wanted to start with the mother of all outfits – a wedding dress. Talk about brides breaking fashion stereotypes and choosing details that truly define who they are. More and more women are wearing Converse with their fancy wedding dresses to show off all their personality when walking down the aisle.

How to style Converse shoes with dresses - 17 outfit ideas

2. Skinny jeans and Converse shoes

Skinny jeans – whether white, black or something extravagant – call for Converse shoes. We recommend investing in a made-to-measure pair as they can instantly jazz up your everyday attire.

3. High-waisted shorts and converse

Denim and Converse are like a match made in heaven. But if you want to up the chic factor, pair high-waisted denim shorts with a bright graphic tee. Such small changes can completely transform your look.

4. Formal shoes and Converse shoes

If you thought formal occasions were an area Converse couldn’t venture into, you need to reconsider. Whether you’re headed to a meeting or in the mood for some comfy pants, pair your formal attire with your favorite pair of Converse. Tell the world that you choose comfort and like to break the monotony with this look.

5. Animal prints and leather Converse

Animal prints add tons of character to your outfits without trying too hard. We understand they’re not for everyone, but if you can manage it, add a pair of leather Converse to finish off your outfit!

6. Ball Gown with Converse Shoes

Prom night is upon us, and anxiety about getting every single detail right is at its peak. If you’re marching to the beat of your own drum, stock up on a pair of Converse shoes to comfort your feet and soul. I know this is getting dramatic, but trust me when I say that many people will ask you for fashion advice after seeing you in this edgy look.

7. Trench coat and yellow Converse

A For an edgy and urban look, you can always go for an outfit consisting of an elegant trench coat and a sweatshirt dress with Converse and an oversized hat and scarf.

8. T-shirt dress with Converse

Whether it’s a denim one-piece, a pastel pasta strap dress, or just a simple t-shirt dress, a pair of Converse takes it to the next level.

9. Dresses and Converse

Whether it is a mid-length, long or short dress, you can be sure that it can be combined with Converse. Whether you want to go all out with tulle or keep it semi-formal with a striped dress, Converse has you covered!

How to style Converse shoes with dresses - 17 outfit ideas

10. Skater dress and Converse shoes

Packed with cuteness, skater dresses will help you get away with bad hair days, lazy Sundays and the days when you don’t feel like moving a muscle. Complete this equation with Converse shoes and complete the look!

11. Black outfits with colored Converse

A black t-shirt dress is a boon in summer. It’s super comfortable and can never look dated. Wear it with a pair of colorful Converse and you’re ready to conquer mountains. But if you want to spice up your black outfit, wear it with a casual pant suit. Tie your hair in a half bun and apply red lipstick to complete the look!

12. Party dresses and Converse

Every part of your outfit needs careful thought when it comes to big events like a wedding, homecoming, or prom. But you don’t always have to follow the cliche and wear a dress and heels. Break the monotony with your Converse shoes and you’ll be the center of attention!

13. Maxi/tea length dresses with Converse

If you fancy breaking up the bohemian touch of your maxi or tea-length dress a bit, choose the sporty route. It’s a look that everyone must try. I can not get enough of it!

14. Ruffled skirt and Converse shoes

I can’t think of anything else to wear on a lazy weekend than an outfit like this. It’s fun, cool and chic. Just a graphic t-shirt with a ruffled skirt, high ponytail and a pair of converse. It’s breezy and relaxed, but with just enough style.

How to style Converse shoes with dresses - 17 outfit ideas

15. Summer dress and white Converse

You can wear white Converse with bold colors like red, navy, and green. Let the shoes take center stage and the dress as a sidekick.

16. Black crop top and yellow pants

Black or white Converse shoes with colored pants like these can bring out the oh-so-smart and effortless girl in you. Imagine this outfit without shoes – it just falls flat!

17. Fancy outfit with Converse shoes

The only celebrity that comes to mind when we think of Converse shoes is Taylor Swift. She’s often spotted in striking outfits (like this patent leather number) and a simple pair of Converse to show us she’s one of us.

In summary, pairing Converse shoes with dresses is a trendy and convenient approach to fashion. From formal occasions to casual everyday looks, there are numerous outfit ideas to discover. Whether you pair Converse with skinny jeans, high-waisted shorts, t-shirt dresses or prom dresses, the combination allows for versatility and personal expression. Adding Converse to outfits with animal prints, leather accents, trench coats, or colored pants can improve the overall aesthetic. Ultimately, embracing this fashion trend allows individuals to showcase their unique style while still enjoying the comfort and timeless appeal of Converse shoes.

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