The 15 best swimwear brands for all shapes and sizes

The 15 best swimwear brands for all shapes and sizes

Beach vacations and pool parties get you so high – just the feeling of being at a party is exciting. And let’s face it: the trip is all about the sun, bikinis and tan lines! So do it right. Designing swimwear is an art in itself, as it needs to be functional, keep everything in place, hide small crevices and create a beautiful silhouette. Some brands specialize in this and are the best at what they do. Let’s take a look at the 20 best swimwear brands out there today.

1. Hoaka swimwear

Elisabeth Rioux founded her swimwear brand “Hoaka Bademode” at the age of 20 and it was a success and popularity right from the start. The Instagram model-turned-entrepreneur wanted to fill the gap in the swimwear segment and create bikinis that are sturdy, invariably cute, with great durability – exactly what a bikini should be. You will see some attractive geometric designs and real time women posing with hoaka swimwear which makes our shopping easier. It is an international brand that ships all over the world which is the best part so check out the products.

The 15 best swimwear brands for all shapes and sizes

2. For diving

To Dive For is a UK based brand that ships all over the world. It’s about designing high-performance luxury swimwear for swimming and diving. From off-shoulder and one-shoulder styles to technical divewear, it takes inspiration from Ocean Adventures, making swimwear sleek, stylish and all about comfort.

3. Copper and Zinc

Sally Burgess, an Australian designer, founded this label to satisfy her never-ending desire to combine beachwear with instinctive fashion. His designs are all strappy, edgy and daring silhouettes that accentuate the female figure while being fluid and fashionable.

4. Khassani swimwear

Mathilde and Pauline founded Khassani Bademode out of a love for travel, water and the beach. The collection is all about minimalist designs, subtle colors and a mix of both. Small details make a big difference to your outfit and your silhouette; His designs prove just that. If you are looking for exciting bikinis for your next vacation, check out these.

5. Love Stories swimwear

Love Stories is a Dutch brand founded by Marloes Hoedeman offering intimate clothing. Mixing colors, fabrics and cuts to create luxurious, soft and smooth lingerie isn’t something you see everyday. And then it launched its own swimwear, taking beachwear to the next level. Check out the online store or go to a local retail store – the company is present in 28 countries, chances are they are in your country too.

6. Alix swimwear

Alix NYC believes in understated elegance that is edgy at the same time, and this is clearly reflected in its collections. Alix first launched its collection in 2014 to create luxurious basics in fabrics such as silk, jersey, etc. The company truly understands a woman’s needs and recognizes that creating outfits that fit, fit and feel requires attention to detail.

7. Moiess swimwear

Jessica Mercedes, a Polish influencer and blogger, came up with this idea while looking for the perfect bikini, designed to fit women’s bodies while being practical yet seductive. In search of the bikini that defines her the most, she founded Moiess Bademode. Jessica designs, nurtures and practically builds the collection to create swimsuits that fit and flatter in every sense of the word.

The 15 best swimwear brands for all shapes and sizes

8. Sea Folly

Peters Folly is an Australian swimwear company founded by Peter and Yvonne in 1975 and later renamed Sea Folly. It quickly became a big name in Australia. His designs were a huge hit right from the start, winning ‘Best Swimwear’. Sea Folly expanded in Australia and eventually opened stores in the US and Singapore.

9. B Fyne swimwear

Quite a unique story and brand, B Fyne was created by Nigerian-American woman Buki Ade. She founded B Fyne when she realized there was a real lack of representation for African women. She believes women can celebrate their bodies, flaunt their curves and be themselves – uncompromisingly and confidently. B Fyne’s designs are all that and more – they’re bold, eccentric and flattering.

10. Swimwear by White Fox

White Fox is a Sydney based swimwear brand that has a loyal customer base for their swimwear and otherwise. The collections are all about making simple cuts and sober colors look impeccably stylish, comfortable and affordable. It also caters to women of all body types.

11. Calzedonia swimwear

Calzedonia is an Italian company founded in 1987 that produces underwear and swimsuits for men, women and children. With a unique “verticalized” business model, the idea was to create a franchise distribution network and grow the business in that format. In less than twenty years, it spread like wildfire across Europe and other countries as well. His strength lies in his products and how he manages to cater to the sensibilities of women from so many cultures with his dynamic approach.

12. Oseree swimwear

Ose(ree) roughly means “dare” in French. It was created by Isabella and Janine who turned their dream into reality with this swimwear brand, creating suits that are incredibly sensual yet sophisticated. With soft fabrics such as silk, satin, etc., the swimsuits are very exquisite, unique and rich in details. Oseree is an Italian brand in the truest sense of the word – with modern aesthetics, quality work and new designs with changing trends.

13. Heidi Klein swimwear

Heidi Gosman and Penny Klein founded Heidi Klein – a luxury boutique in Notting Hill – in 2002 as a one-stop shop for swimwear. The idea was to reinvent swimsuits to suit women’s sensibilities but with newer fabrics, designs, cuts and patterns. It grew into a luxury boutique around the world, offering exclusive styling solutions to many loyal customers and celebrities like Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, etc. Its secret is that it listens to its customers and values customer satisfaction. And with a motto like that, it’s unstoppable.

The 15 best swimwear brands for all shapes and sizes

14.L Space swimwear

L Space is a California-based lifestyle brand with the motto Love, Laugh, Lounge and Live, for the love of water and beaches. His designs are incredibly chic, stylish and smart without being complicated. Summer fashion, sportswear, accessories and everything you need for your next beach vacation are also made.

15. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a California-based company that creates products with a unique approach to luxury beachwear, creating clothing made from recycled nylon, which is also one of the company’s most coveted collections. She believes sustainability is sexy and proves it. Amahila Stevns, the founder, is also the mind behind the famous: LBB – Little Black Bikini.

In summary, the swimwear market offers a wide range of options for all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for functional swimwear, luxurious designs, sustainable choices or inclusive brands, there’s something for everyone. From Hoaka swimwear and For Diving to Love Stories and Vitamin A, these brands are loved for their quality, style and ability to cater to different body types. With innovative designs, attention to detail and a focus on customer satisfaction, these swimwear brands have successfully created swimwear that flatters everyone and enhances their beauty. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or hitting the beach, these brands make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your swimwear.

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