Best Colorbar Nail Polish Swatches

Best Colorbar Nail Polish Swatches

Colorbar USA is a very popular brand in India. It has many makeup products which are loved by the masses and have become synonymous with beauty, cosmetics, and fashion. It offers a variety of nail polishes, be it in colors, textures, or finishes, and their nail colors are ideal for any manicure or pedicure. The shelf time of the Colorbar nail polish is around 1-2 years and it’s very economical compared to the quality they provide. They stay pretty well on nails for a whole week if applied with good basecoat and top coat. I have around 13 nail polishes from this brand. And here I have you the swatches of the 10 best shades along with a concise review! Oh yeah, I haven’t used any top coat in the images below. You get what you see!

1. 03, Shy rose:

It’s a very pretty pastel kind of red. Its bit sheer but color is buildable on the 2nd coat it self. I used 3 coats for the swatch.

Best Colorbar Nail Polish Swatches

2. 63, Flirty Pink:

Though it’s named flirty pink, it’s a very pretty nude shade. It is quite sheer and needs 2-3 coats to become opaque.

3. 73 Exclusive:

This shade is from their exclusive range and it is quite similar to flirty pink above. The only different is it is more on the creame finish side and has a silver cap. I three coats for the swatch.

4. 20Autumn Rose:

It’s a very pretty coral rose shade. I personally recommend this shade as a must have in your stash. It has full capacity to brighten up any dull day by just wearing it. I used two coats for the swatch.

5. 57 Berrylicious:

It is a very pretty shade. It’s more of dark pink with metallic finish shade. This shade looks gorgeous on fair hands. I used two coats for the swatch.


It’s a dark navy blue shade which is very much this year. I recommend this shade as a must have. I used 2 coats for the swatch. Formula is quite good and creamy.

Best Colorbar Nail Polish Swatches

7. 05, Blue Lagoon:

It’s a very pretty bright shade of blue. It is bit sheer and you will need 3-4 coats to build the color. I used 3 coats for the swatch.

8. 93, Moss Agate:

It’s a good moss green shade. Needs only two coats to become opaque. It has a creamy finish. I used two coats for the swatch.

9. 002, disco gold:

It’s gold glitter top. Looks very pretty on almost every color. I top it over Moss Agate shade. I used only single coat as it is packed with so much glitter that single swipe is enough.


Colorbar has few beautiful neon shades and I own 3 of them that I am swatching here. They are:

  1. 096,lime Margarita.(green neon)(on middle finger)
  2. 099,Pina colada.(yellow neon) (on pointer and pinky finger)
  3. 094, Pink lady (pink neon)(on ring finger)



I would polish them over white to get maximum brightness. They are very beautiful shades and I personally recommend them to all neon lovers. I used 2 coats each for the swatches.

10. 003, foil blast:

It’s a silver glitter crackle polish and I used it over neon shades.

Colorbar nail polishes are known for their versatile colors, finishes, and textures. From bold and bright pigments to soft and subtle tints, Colorbar’s nail varnish options are endless. The smooth enamel texture of each nail color makes application a breeze, and the precision brush allows for easy and accurate coverage. Their shelf life ranges from 1 to 2 years. They are affordable and are a favorite brand for many. Shy rose, flirty pink, autumn rose, berrylicious, blue lagoon, disco gold, foil blast, and moss agate are a few popular shades of color bar nail polishes chosen by many. If applied with a good top coat and base coat, these shades stay for a week. Try any of the aforementioned nail polishes to flaunt your style.


In conclusion, Colorbar nail polishes offer a wide range of versatile colors, finishes, and textures. From subtle nudes to bold neons, their collection caters to various preferences. The smooth enamel texture and precision brush make for easy and accurate application. Colorbar nail polishes have a shelf life of 1-2 years and are known for their affordability. Popular shades such as Shy Rose, Flirty Pink, Autumn Rose, Berrylicious, Blue Lagoon, Disco Gold, Foil Blast, and Moss Agate are highly recommended by many users. While I cannot provide visual swatches, you can easily find them online through beauty and nail polish enthusiast websites or social media platforms. Explore the Colorbar range to find the perfect shade to showcase your style and express yourself through your manicure.

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