Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial For The Bat Wing Eyeliner Look

Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial For The Bat Wing Eyeliner Look

Bat wing eyeliner is a trendy, versatile makeup look that you can easily wear to any special event or party or, with enough practice, turn into an all-out glam Halloween head-turner. The term “bat wing” refers to the shape of the completed look, which resembles the soaring bend similar to a bat’s wing. It was created by Katie Jane Hughes, a celebrity makeup artist, and works best for people with hooded eyes. They may find it challenging to achieve a traditional liner look since the wing may end up getting buried in the crease. However, the bat wing eyeliner’s pronounced c-notch really assists in carving out the wing and giving hooded eyes the appearance of a slightly elevated cat eye.

How To Do Bat Wing Eyeliner

The bat wing eyeliner is a touch different from conventional eyeliner styles that you may be familiar with. It helps you to create dramatic makeup or gothic makeup looks and is also perfect for Halloween makeup. Despite their similarities, there are some basic distinctions between the cat-eye liner and the bat wing liner. In contrast to the straight line that a cat-eye liner forms from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye, a bat-wing liner rotates and glides down from the crease in a c-shape to meet the lash line.


It’s a more daring alternative to the standard liner look and is simpler to apply to hooded lids than a cat eye. So, if you want to master this unique technique, here’s a step-by-step tutorial you can try out.

Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial For The Bat Wing Eyeliner Look

Step 1: Prime your eyelids

Applying eyeshadow primer to your eyelids will help create a smooth, even canvas for your beautiful eyeliner look. It will also help preserve your liner by preventing premature fading or smudging.

Step 2: Set The Primer With Some Powder

Set the primer with some loose translucent or compact powder. Choose a powder that matches your skin tone for the best results. The powder will make sure that your eyeliner doesn’t smudge or migrate onto your lid or brow bone.

Step 3: Make A Rough Sketch Of Your Preferred Design

Sketch out a dotted line of the bat wing with a pencil liner, or use a firm-angled eyeshadow brush in the same color as the intended eyeliner. Pencil liners are more malleable and can easily glide across your lids. This will help you accurately translate your vision if you are going for a creative, Batman-inspired graphic wing.

Step 4: Create the Outline

Grab your favorite eyeliner and create thin, regular lines across your eyelid. By making just the outline, you leave less room for error. Since the lines will be thin, you can quickly correct any mistakes and smudges without ruining the entire look.

Step 5: Fill It In

Fill in the rest of the design once you are done with the outline. Avoid using too much product to prevent the eyeliner from running.

Step 6: Fix Any Smudges Or Stray Lines

Don’t worry if your eyeliner doesn’t immediately look flawless. Use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover or an eyeshadow brush with concealer to smooth out any angles for a clean and even finish. If you prefer a softer look, dip your eye shadow brush into the same shade as the one you used for the sketch and blend the c-notch into your crease.


However, using a liquid eyeliner right away can be a bit difficult. If you are looking for a more straightforward approach but are still unsure about accurately applying the bat wing eyeliner, check out this beginner-friendly technique.

Bat Wing Eyeliner For Beginners

If you are a beginner, opt for a colored eyeshadow or eye pencil to create the wing as they are more forgiving than a liquid eyeliner. This will allow you to make multiple mistakes before you can finally create the wing of your dreams.

To create a dramatic wing, use some cosmetic or Scotch tape at an angle underneath your bottom lashes. Then, trace along the edge of the tape with your pencil eyeliner.


Draw a second line from the tip of the outer wing towards your inner eyelid crease.


Now, slowly and steadily connect the second line to the base of your lashes in a crisp ‘c’ shape.


Use an eyeshadow brush to diffuse the pigment a little for a more natural look. Finish it off with some mascara and you are good to go!

If you have hooded eyes and have been searching for a winged look that would beautifully suit your eyes, wait no more – as the bat wing eyeliner is here to save the day.

Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial For The Bat Wing Eyeliner Look

Bat Wing Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are an eye shape where the eyelids are covered by extra skin and soft tissue around the brow but not the actual eye. So, the wing may get lost in the crease when you apply a traditional winged eyeliner to hooded eyes.


Bat wing eyeliner is an effective solution to this problem. It creates a sharp, defined wing that retains its shape and can double as a cat-eye look for hooded eyes.


Start by using a brown or black pencil to draw the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Be sure to apply the pencil evenly and use light pressure to create a smooth line.

Following alongside the line, create two or three ragged and uneven c-shaped notches that mimic bat wings.

Make a second line from the tip of the curved line to your eyelid crease, followed by another c-shaped notch connecting the second line to the base of your lashes.

Once you are done with the wing design, coat it with liquid eyeliner for a sharp and long-lasting appearance.

Follow it up with some shimmer eyeshadow and mascara to complete the look.



If you have double eyelids, you can get away with practically any winged eyeliner style. So, consider amping up your basic bat wing for some extra oomph.

Bat Wing Eyeliner For Double Eyelids

Double eyelids are merely arc-shaped creases in the skin of your eyelids. They do not have extra skin and fat around the eyes like hooded eyelids, and hence, their upper eyelid crease is clearly visible.


You can try a lot of bat wing eyeliner techniques if you have substantial visible space between your eyes and brows.


Since you are not constrained by the eyelid space, try bringing the eyeliner into your crease for a unique bat-wing look.

Highlight the wing with some glitter liner above your crease and a little bit of eyeshadow to deepen the look.


Lastly, here is an elaborate bat wing eyeliner technique to help step up your eyeliner game for Halloween. Check that out in the following section.

Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial For The Bat Wing Eyeliner Look

Bat Wing Eyeliner For Halloween

This look is for the epic vampire lovers out there. If you want to showcase your amazing makeup skills for Halloween, go for this creative bat wing eyeliner look. The red-and-black combination gives the perfect spooky vibes and elevates the usual fake-teeth costume to a haunting vampire princess.


To make this edgy bat wing eyeliner look, use a super-pigmented and long-lasting liner and eyeshadow combination.


Prep your eyelids with some eyeshadow primer. Use a light-colored eye pencil to create the structure of the bat wing.


Create as many details as possible in the wing before using a liquid liner to seal the look.


Go over with the red eyeshadow to provide some depth and dimension to the masterpiece.


Don’t forget to line the inner corners of your eyes and coat your bottom lashes with red eyeshadow for some extra drama.


Apply some mascara before adding faux lashes to truly enhance the look.


Use some setting spray to preserve it all night for your Halloween shenanigans.

In conclusion, the bat wing eyeliner is a unique and daring makeup look that can add a touch of drama and creativity to your overall appearance. It is a versatile style that can be adapted for various eye shapes, including hooded and double eyelids. By following the step-by-step tutorials provided, you can learn how to create the bat wing eyeliner look with precision and achieve stunning results. Whether you’re going for a subtle everyday look or a bold Halloween-inspired design, the key is to start with a well-prepped eyelid, sketch out the shape, create the outline, fill it in, and make any necessary corrections. With practice and experimentation, you can perfect this trendy makeup technique and embrace your inner creativity.

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