Emo Makeup Tutorial and Tips

Emo Makeup Tutorial and Tips

Emo makeup is a retro beauty trend and it’s still one of the most wanted trends today. Many people, especially teenagers, love the emo makeup look. But are you wondering what emo is? It is a form of punk rock music, also popularly known as emotional hardcore or emocore.


Emo makeup requires you to master some signature makeup techniques, such as a cat emo eyeliner look with smoky eyes. This makeup look is specially designed for those who want to experiment with their makeup look and try something out of the ordinary. If you’re excited to try this out, read on for a detailed guide on how to create this look. Scroll down!

Emo makeup: base

As always, start applying makeup on fresh and clean skin. Wash your face thoroughly, pat dry and apply a good foundation as it will give your foundation a good hold. Apply concealer, preferably in stick form, to conceal any spots and blemishes. Next, apply your foundation and blend well.

Emo Makeup Tutorial and Tips

Emo makeup blush

This is a gothic faded look. Therefore, keep the blush just a little pinker than your skin tone. Don’t go for bronzer or dark peach blush. Apply to cheekbones in a circular motion, avoiding the contours or hollows of the cheeks.

Emo makeup for the eyes


Emo Eye Makeup Tips:

The eyes are very important in this form of makeup. If you get things wrong with the eyes, your entire look will be ruined. Since you’ve already primed your eyes and blended the foundation onto them, it’s time for some shadows.


Apply a matte finish slate eyeshadow to the lids and add a small touch of black eyeshadow to the outer 1/3 corner of the lids for a smoky and intense eye look.

Next, take a liner pencil and apply it to the lash line. Extend the edges a little on both sides, the inside and outside corners, to form a 2-way wrapped wing.

Emo Makeup Tutorial and Tips

Eye makeup for emo

Using a sponge applicator, smudge the black edge of the upper lashes to achieve the gothic look. Apply a liquid liner to the lash line for a smoother look, with the pencil liner smudge effect previously created, and finish with a dark line on the lower lash line, using either your pencil liner or liquid liner.

Emo Lip Makeup:

This is a tough punk makeup look that requires the lips to be natural without a lot of heavy dark lipstick. Lightly line your lips with a light liner, preferably pink or light purple, and opt for a nude or light pink gloss. For deeper skin tones, you can use a pink or neutral pink liner and then add a light pink or pale nude gloss.


If you want to be even more expressive, you can pair your makeup with dramatic black nail polish for an edgy and unique look. This is an edgy look and goes well with hoodies in winter. I hope you found these emo makeup tips very helpful!

Emo Makeup Tutorial and Tips

Infographic: The 5 best makeup tips for the emo look

The emo look is the epitome of grunge and edgy. Whether you’re a grunge music fan or want to dress up as your favorite emo character or band member, you can easily create the look yourself! All you have to do is follow a few simple tips and you’ll be ready to create the quirky punk look that will take you back to the grunge era. In the infographic below we have listed the top five tips for the perfect emo look. Scroll down and check it out!


Emo makeup is a creative and bold style that allows individuals to express their unique personality and emotions through makeup. Key elements of emo makeup include dramatic eye looks with smoky eyes and cat-eye liner, subtle blush, and natural or light lips. It’s important to remember that emo makeup is all about individuality, so feel free to experiment and make it your own.


Whether you’re a fan of grunge music or just love the quirky vibe of emo makeup, the tips and techniques in this guide will help you achieve the perfect look. Unleash your creativity, have fun with your makeup and let your emotions shine with your unique emo makeup style!

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