How to plan an unforgettable family reunion

How to plan an unforgettable family reunion

Families are priceless and you will always have a heart for your loved ones. So you must make the most of your time with them during a reunion. Are you trying to come up with interesting ideas for a family reunion? Well we are here for you.


Family reunions provide a much-needed vacation from your crowded life and allow you to spend some quality time together. But planning interesting activities for that special event can be a daunting task.


The biggest family gatherings include activities that appeal to people of all ages. So check out this article to find unique ideas to make your family reunion fun and memorable. Just keep scrolling!

1. One Minute Games

From swallowing cookies to writing down the maximum number of cousin names, you can suggest many fun and silly games. Such family reunion games are easy to plan and fun for people of all ages.

How to plan an unforgettable family reunion

2. Bingo

The good old bingo game never gets boring. It’s easy to plan and you don’t have to bother explaining the game to everyone. You can also add exciting gifts like family t-shirts to the winners.

3. Family Riddle

Take old family or reunion photos and turn them into jigsaw puzzles. Divide the members into groups and play a timed game. You can ask her to arrange the pieces on the weekend when you are all together.

4th race

Racing among family members can give you several moments of laughter and joy. Plan a sack race or lemon spoon race to get everyone involved. You can also keep something unconventional, like gobble the burgers to the end.

5. Lineup

This family reunion game is fun when your family has many members. Imagine the chaos when 70-80 people try to put themselves in order. Ask them to line up from oldest to youngest. Or form groups in order of distance traveled to get to the meeting.

6. Scrapbooking

Prepare a scrapbook template and ask each team to decorate their scrapbooks with pictures. There will also be nice mementos to take home after the reunion.

7. Photoshoot

You can think of several ideas for a family reunion, but it will be incomplete without a photo shoot. So have the props ready to make the pictures unforgettable. You can also come up with a color code and let everyone know in advance.

8. Ball Games

Games like volleyball, soccer and softball are easy to schedule. You can bring out the competitive side of your family, which is always fun. If you’re planning a beach reunion, these games are a must.

9. Talent Show

Ask your family members to show a talent that they would like to show off. When you realize how many aspiring singers, dancers, chefs, painters or comedians there are in your family, everyone will be surprised and amused.

10. Campfire Stories

Plan a family dinner, and when everyone is seated at the dinner table, ask each person to share a memory about another family member. To make it easier, message everyone before the reunion so they can dig stories out of their treasure chest of memories.

11. Charades

If you’re looking for easy family reunion activities, nothing beats good old charades. This game gets even better after everyone has had a few drinks. In addition to movies and songs, you can also ask teams to portray family members.

How to plan an unforgettable family reunion

12. Family Quiz

Schedule a quiz about family members for a fun family night out game. You can create a questionnaire and ask everyone to fill it out before the meeting. Ask questions about marriage, love, education, and work. Try not to ask sensitive questions that can be hurtful.

13. Create a family recipe book

Ask everyone to send in recipes that have been passed down for generations. You can also ask specific members to share the recipes they are famous for. It can be a real treasure for the family.

14. Create a family tree

This can be exciting when you find the pictures of the two people your family descended from. Ask everyone to bring old photos when they come to the meeting. It will also be instructive for the children to learn about family history.

15. Who am I?

Write a family member’s name on a piece of paper and tape it to a cap. The person whose turn it is must wear it and ask for clues to guess the name. The other people can only answer yes or no.

16th Fishing Competition

If you are planning a meeting near a lake, ask everyone to get their fishing gear. Grab a few beers and throw in a fishing contest before grilling your catch.

How to plan an unforgettable family reunion

17. Treasure Hunt

Every family member enjoys a scavenger hunt. Divide the family into teams and give them clues to famous family stories. You can also plan a special event just for the kids to help them get to know their family better.

18th Family Olympics

Divide the family into teams if you have a large gathering. Plan in some races and games for a day of fun and laughter. Get a scoreboard to count the points.

19. Gift exchange with white elephants

Ask everyone to get someone else an impractical or amusing gift. You can draw name slips for the exchange. Items related to family history can make this exchange even more memorable. Imagine someone being given an uncle’s favorite ashtray or walking stick.

20. Photo booth

Prepare a photo booth before the reunion. It can either be engraved with your family name or props that remind everyone of a specific person. For example, get a pair of glasses that have become a family member’s trademark.

In summary, planning an unforgettable family reunion takes creativity and thoughtfulness to ensure everyone has a great time and creates lasting memories. By incorporating a mix of fun and engaging activities for all ages such as Activities such as games, talent shows, photo booths, and creating a family recipe book or time capsule can make the reunion special and cherished by all family members. Remember to tailor activities to your family’s interests and preferences to make the event truly memorable.

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