The 13 best bras for large breasts

The 13 best bras for large breasts

Women with larger breasts say they would do anything to swap sizes with those with smaller breasts, and some of us who aren’t well endowed would like it the other way around. This is another ongoing debate about “grass is always greener on the other side,” but seriously, I think we all have our little struggles with how differently each of our bodies is constructed. The best we can do is embrace it with grace and look for ways to deal with what we have. In addition, we must ensure that we take care of our underwear more than our outerwear. Women with larger breasts are more at risk of sagging than others, and when it comes to choosing the right bra, most of us often make a mistake. So let’s take a look at the options we have and what are the best plus size bras for large breasts on the market.

What is the bra size for large breasts?

A significant proportion of women in any country fall in a B or C cup size, and the average changes over time, generations, and various other reasons without specific explanation. Twenty years ago the standard was 34B, today it is 36C. Therefore, anyone who wears a bra size larger than this usually falls into this category. The main difference between women with larger breasts is that they require more cup space to hold the position, but all other details remain the same. It is therefore important that you first measure your bra size, have a professional try it on once and then assign it to the respective type.

The 13 best bras for large breasts

1. Victoria's Secret Full Support Front Closure Bra

Victoria’s Secret is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of intimacy. They carry delicates in sizes 30 to 40, which go up to cup size DDD. This front closure bra is great for sleeveless summer dresses as it features racerback straps and mesh at the back and full coverage at the front.

2. Strapless push-up bra

Strapless bras for women with larger breasts can be tricky, I mean you can’t just pick any brand. Many brands offer strapless styles, and sizes also go beyond 40 DDD. Strapless bras or stick-on bras are a blessing when it comes to dresses and racerbacks. Not many companies offer adhesive tapes yet, but strapless and transparent models are a great alternative.

3. Sports bras for large breasts

Wearing the right bra while exercising is a given for women of all sizes, so there are no new rules here. However, as we just discussed, for larger breasts you need to wear a bra that is sturdy, gives you support, mimics jumps and strenuous sessions, and keeps the girls intact even when subjected to severe impact or physical training. The Panache Soft Wire Support Bra is one of those bestsellers.

4. Nursing bras

New moms invariably need a wardrobe update, and it starts from within. And they can’t stress enough the importance of a comfortable, adjustable, and soft bra for your already tender breasts. Luckily, brands understand all this and make bras that are both functional and comfortable. As you approach your delivery, get bras that double as nursing bras and you can use them for other purposes as well. Look out for Beatrice’s soft cup nursing bras. You have great options.

5. Wireless/Lace Bras

There’s nothing quite like the feel of soft, pointy, wireless, comfortable bras against your skin. However, this is not so easy to find if you have large breasts, as most of them look like half-bras made for petite body sizes and smaller breasts. Elila soft cup lace bras feature thick straps that support weight while providing excellent coverage. This is a great find.

6. Lace maternity bras

It’s important to take care of yourself during pregnancy and shop for both inner and outerwear without spending the nine months in Santa’s clothes. Anyway, wearing lacy and fancy bras is one of the few ways to feel good and take care of the health of your breasts and not let them sag. Hotmilk Temptation nursing bras offer numerous options and also specialize in manufacturing bras for maternity and nursing.

The 13 best bras for large breasts

7. Lingerie with double racerback straps

Addition Elle has partnered with Ashley Graham to launch an exclusive collection that is changing the way women perceive large breast bras. From push-up, racerback, soft, wireless to lingerie editions, they have a lot in store for you. Phenomenon Double Strap is one of those exciting options, giving you excellent coverage and back smoothing while still providing a sensual feel.

8. Strapless Plunge Bra

It is a real challenge to wear dresses with a plunging neckline or lower back because there are many things to consider and your bra could be the deciding factor here. And if you’ve got a little bigger breasts, you know you need something reliable to avoid a mishap. So here’s a bra that doubles as a push-up, gives you great support and is also seamless. Wonderbra’s bra is called the Ultimate Strapless Bra, and it probably is.

9. Soft push-up bra

Push-up bras need to be comfortable, with soft underwires and padding that doesn’t pinch or ride up your breasts. So if you’re looking for something you haven’t decided on yet, check out the Temptress Plunge Push-Up Bra that does all of that with good coverage.

10. Balconette bra for larger bras

Balconette bras have to be your best friends if you have larger breasts. They embrace everything and hold everything together without suffocating you. Panache has many such bras in stock for you with collections like “PORCELAIN ELAN” etc.

11. Best soft cup bra for big boobs

You know what they say: never underestimate the power of sensual and exciting lingerie or body-hugging shapewear. Wearing good lingerie doesn’t need a special occasion, you should wear it to feel good. If you agree, check out Ashley Graham’s collection.

12. T-shirt bra

Most of our bra collections include t-shirt bras and we’re constantly looking for something that gives us a seamless, form-fitting look while being soft and comfortable against the skin. It’s not a pretty sight to see a protruding bra strap under a t-shirt. The protrusion can also be hidden by wearing an undershirt over the bra. Brands like Déesse have dedicated collections that focus on just that. Look at her.

13. Cage Bra

If you’re in the mood for some fancy bras apart from a bralette, or want a change of style while maintaining functionality, these bras are what you need. The molded cups hold the girls in place, while the cage straps offer extra support – while looking stylish. Wear racerback or open-side tees to show off this bra.

In summary, finding the right bra for women with larger breasts is crucial to ensure comfort, support and the maintenance of breast health. While individual preferences may vary, multiple options are available to accommodate different needs and styles. From full support front closure bras to strapless push up bras, sports bras, nursing bras and lace bras, there is a selection that offers comfort, coverage and support. Balconette bras and soft cup bras are also popular for larger breasts, while t-shirt bras provide a seamless look under clothing. Additionally, cage bras offer a stylish and functional alternative to bralettes. Remember, finding the perfect bra requires proper measurements and trying different styles to ensure the best fit and support for your unique shape and size.

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